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Diploma Programs

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School of Locomotive and Vehicle

Railway Vehicle

CRH Maintenance Technology

Railway Locomotive

Urban Rail Vehicle Technology

School of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Electrical Automation Technology

Applied Electronic Technology

the Applied Technology of IOT (Internet of Things)

Information Safety and Management

Industrial Robot Technology

Information Engineering Technology

Mobile Internet Application Technology

Digital Media Application Technology

School of Manufacturing

Manufacture and Maintenance of Locomotive and Vehicle

Numerical Control Technology

Motor and Electrical Technology

Welding Technology and Automation

Design and Manufacturing

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology

Mode Design and Manufacture

Application and Maintenance of Numerical Control Equipment

School of Electrical Engineering

Railway Power Supply Technology

Railway Communication Technology

Urban Rail Signal and Communication Technology

Automatic Control of Railway Signal

Railway Information Technology

Urban Rail Mechanical and Electrical Technology

School of Railway Operation Management

Urban Rail Operation Management

Rail Logistics

Rail Operation Management

Real Estate Management

High Speed Rail Passengers’ Service



Business English

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